About Us

We have entered an exciting but challenging “Digital Era,” where the rules that have governed how we have lived and operated for the past 150 years will be changing in front of us, and create many new opportunities that reshape our future of sustainability.

Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute (www.APDEI.org) aims to create a center of excellence, leadership, and partnership to incubate new thinking and innovation in practice; advance thought-leadership; generate new growth opportunities; enhance the competitiveness and productivity of business; and cultivate talents to accelerate digital economy.

Samson Lee
Co-Founder, Director, Founding Chairman

Juwan Lee
Co-Founder, Director, Vice Chairman

Dr. Wei-Tek Tsai
Co-Founder, Director, Vice Chairman

Xiaochen Zhang
Co-Founder, Director, Executive President

Dr. Yanan Fang
Council Member, Vice President

Wu Changhau
Council Member, Vice President

Law Yee Ping
Council Member, Secretary General